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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Driver Comparisons with Paige (Video)

Golf ball comparisons yesterday, drivers today. Paige is at Club Champion in New York City comparing a number of drivers. It's not just watching Paige hit drivers though; one of the Club Champion techs gives you details on each of the drivers before she tests them, including some of the unique features of each driver; and since Paige is testing them in the same mic'd bay, you can hear how each driver sounds. You may find some helpful info here.


  1. Good show as such. However, I would love to see a screendump of the registered data like swing speed, ball speed, AoA, Carry, distance etc

    1. I know what you mean, Alfred. I looked but couldn't find a chart of her test results anywhere. Did anybody else take a look and maybe get lucky?

  2. Playoffs were the order of the day in Korea this week. The KPGA's Woosung Construction Open went two extra times down the closing hole before Yonggu Shin, who has a Canadian flag next to his name on the leaderboard, prevailed over Kyungnam Kang. The KLPGA's Dayouwinia MBN Ladies Open also made two extra trips down 18 before So Young Lee defeated Hyun Kyung Park for her 6th career victory and her first since 2020.
    Chisato Iwai won the NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament on the JLPGA.