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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Using a Baseball Swing to Hit the Ball (Video)

I found this 4-year-old Mike Malaska video by accident and was fascinated. If you watch the first 1:10 you'll see Mike using a baseball swing -- one that goes just above waist high -- as an example of how to get the club into position to hit the ball solidly. Now if you go back to the weekend on this blog, you'll find a couple of blog posts featuring Paul Wilson (this one on Saturday and this one on Sunday) about how to increase your clubhead speed by reducing tension.

Here's what fascinates me. I'm curious as to how much clubhead speed you can create using Paul Wilson's drill with Mike Malaska's baseball backswing. And it seems that it would be pretty easy (with a little practice) to stretch this swing up to shoulder height. At the very least this seems like a useful swing when you need a fairway finder! I'm curious to hear your results if any of you try practicing this for a few weeks. (That's Paul's suggestion for his drill so you get the hang of it.) Just leave me a comment on this post.

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