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Friday, October 7, 2022

Wrist Hinge or No Wrist Hinge? (Video)

I know a number of you think Matt at the MrShortGame channel is a nut, and this video will set some of you off. But there are a lot of ways to FEEL the correct hinging motion in your wrists and Matt is using the feel of extension in your arms to create the proper hinging action. For some of you this simply won't work -- not because it's wrong but because it just doesn't feel right to your body. But if you're struggling to correctly hinge your wrists, Matt's method is worth trying. It will eliminate that cupped wrist that causes problems.

As for slowing down your hip turn in your downswing... I happen to believe in this move. Unless you have an incredibly fast swing, spinning out on the way down will hurt your accuracy without giving you any extra distance. Again, it will work for some of you and not for others, but it's worth trying to find out which group you belong in.

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