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Saturday, July 11, 2020

How to Swing Like Bryson (Video)

Bryson DeChambeau uses a single-plane swing just like the legendary Moe Norman did, and Todd Graves learned from Moe. This is a great 16-minute introduction to how the swing works, simple enough that you can learn the basics from this one video.

There a dozens of swing methods you can learn.  I personally prefer a more classic swing similar to the ones taught by past teachers like Jim Flick, Manuel de la Torre and Tommy Armour. But that doesn't mean everybody has to use that swing. It's not unusual for me to get questions from players who ask if they should change their swings.

My answer is "if the swing works for you and it doesn't hurt, don't change it." You can't get better if you change swings every time you struggle.

But even if you've settled on the best swing for you, it never hurts to learn how other swing methods work. Sometimes you'll learn something that can be adapted to help you solve a problem in your existing swing. Knowledge is power!

So take a few minutes to learn how Bryson does it from this video. Todd Graves explains the main points clearly. Enjoy!


  1. The IS Dongseo Busan Open on the KLPGA will definitely have a Monday finish after monsoon rains washed out Friday's attempt to start Round One. Saturday's conditions were much improved as Jeong Eun Lee6 recorded a 6 under par 66 (of course), which was 2 off the lead, but easily the highlight of her round, if not the whole tournament to date, was her albatross on the par 5 5th at Stongate CC. It is only the 7th albatross in KLPGA history.

    1. Looking at the shot tracker on the KLPGA website's scoreboard the par 5 5th measured 512 yards. Lee6's drive carried 245.2 yards into the fairway. She then holed out from 208.8 yards with the pin tucked in the front, but the graphics didn't mention which club she used, and since she was in the morning wave and had started on the back 9 there's sadly no video that I'm aware of.

  2. OK, there is video of her hole out from the fairway:

    Also a shout out to 18 year old Joo Hyung Kim, winner of the Gunsan Open on the KPGA this week.